Better celebrate life by taming its finitude


We never know how long we're going to live.
This is a delicate subject in our culture,
which can be difficult to evoke, to share ...

Lifewishes allows us to express ourselves as well about our experiences, about our convictions as about what we would like to leave behind, to say, to share with words and images to those who are dear to us.

Lifewishes is an emotional and transmissions space where everyone has a personal account like a unique safe.

Lifewishes is for everyone: parents, grandparents, adventurers, businessmen / -women, passionate people ... all of us because our existence and the sharing of a part of ourselves are important to our loved ones.

The subscriber will choose Persons of Trust who will validate his/her death and by this way, allow to People of heart and the targeted people to have access to their messages.

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The opening fee amounts to 61 euros and the annual subscription of your safe is 7 euros. Access to your account is unlimited.

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