Tanguy: With Lifewishes, my loved ones will know my affection, my attachment for them. And if my life ends after a fallout, when there is distance between us, they will know that I love them with my messages.

Jeanne: I have travelled a lot. With my relatives, even though I love them, new walls have arisen between us. I would like to share more of my thoughts, what I live through, my experiences, but it is complicated in the relationships we have. Lifewishes allows me to pin down this whole part of me for them, all the while respecting the relationship we currently have.

Paul: Transmission is so important and finding the right moment with our loved ones is often difficult. Here, I want to find the right words and the people I have chosen will have the pleasure of listening, of re-reading my posts whenever they wish.

Bernadette: It is not because we think about this subject (death) that it happens sooner! On the contrary, because we are mindful of it, it frees (us) from our fears.

GĂ©raldine: I lost my father when I was young. When I became a mother, I was afraid to leave too early to leave my children when I had so much to tell them ... With my space at Lifewishes, I can write, talk, download everything I want. Whatever happens to me, I know that my children will receive my messages, the important thing will be heard. It makes me feel lighter in my life.

Hugues: My parents are losing their memory, especially my mother. There is modesty between us and talking about personal things is difficult. I opened a space at Lifewishes. The questions asked serve as a guideline and my mother is happy to confide.

Hervé: We plan the transmission of our material goods (donation ...). In this same state of mind, Lifewishes gives us a great opportunity to have this same reflection about the experiences, the emotions that we want to transmit to our loved ones.